Born in Lecce in 1963, lives and works in Milan since1983.

In 1982 in London, he works as journalist for relevant music and cinema magazines.

Since 1989 he works as director and editor for tv commercials, documentaries, corporate videos and videoclips; he has edited hundreds of movie trailers for The Walt Disney Company Italy. Since 1998 collaborates as director and producer TV for Disney Channel (SKY).

The first short movie “Canto dell ’adolescenza” (“Song of adolescence”) (1994), was awarded at the cinema-video section of the Biennale of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean in Lisbon, and has received numerous recognitions around Europe.

Since than he produces other short movies: L’altro volto (“The other face”) (1996) based on the story of painter Stefano Tonelli, Maestro! (1997) e La muta della cicala (1998), shooted in Salento, South of Italy, inspired by Don Chisciotte.

In 2003 the video Kashmir Calling (1994), witnessing human rights violations in India by photographer Kash (Gabriele Torsello), was presented in various occasions such as the event at the Chamber of Commons and Lords at Westminster, London.

In 2000 he starts producing a series of video portraits dedicated to important personalities of Arts and Culture: Un incontro con Alda Merini (“Meeting Alda Merini”) (2000), Drama-Pinketts (2001) with Andrea G. Pinketts, Il momento decisivo (“The Ultimate Moment”) (2003) with photographer Andrea Morgante, La concordia e l’armonia (“Concord and Harmony”)(2007) with philosopher Raimon Panikkar, 2007.

In 2006 he founded the Honoro Film production.

In 2008 produces the documentary Dialoghi con l’Angelo (Talking with Angels) the story of the world wide long bestseller.


In 2011 Jaca Book releases the dvd “Raimon Panikkar: La mia vita”, an intense interview by Milena Carrara Pavan, where Panikkar tells about himself for the first and last time.
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Honoro Film has achieved several recognitions from major corporations that use its services on a daily basis.